2007 Saint Cosme Cote du Rhone

Double Larry.

I had hoped for a little more Moe. Nevertheless, it complimented a stir fry of strip steak, fresh morels and fiddlehead ferns.

Can you translate that for the Stooge-ignorant? :wink:


So it didn’t grab you by the short and Curly’s?

I’ve found this wine developes much more richness and complexity on day two and three. We felt the same way the first night, but the second night was a totally different story. It just needs some age.

Melissa, look at it this way:

Moe = slap in the face, poke in the eyes.
Curly = “woo, woo, woo.” In other words, profound.
Larry = normal, inoffensive. Varietally correct, but nothing spectacular or amazing.

So, putting this in a point system, which I hate, a Larry would be an 85-90 point wine, and a double Larry would be at the higher range, so 88-89 points.

Why don’t women “get” the Stooges? My daughter used to, then she hit puberty.


John, Thanks, I’ll have to decant one for a few hours and see what happens. It seemed to benefit from air, but few bottles last two or three days in my house, especially on a holiday weekend.

Jeff I think you have a new Parker rating system. [rofl.gif]

I take no credit for this system. However, the first time that I saw it, I instinctively understood it.

Maybe we should come up with a Berserkers NSFW rating system.

I have found the same thing. I even tasted a fresh popped bottle right next to one that sat open in the cellar overnight and there was a significant difference in the richness of the fruits and the depth of flavors.