2007 Peay Scallop Shelf, Sonoma Coast Estate Pinot Noir

Just received and opened the wine. (Caveat: Notes based on my subdued palate.)

On my first sip, the fruit jumped out and slowly faded to a slight bitterness, settled, and I have a lingering taste of bitter cherry, which is not a negative but intriguing. There are flavors in this wine I can’t fully describe, but if it is possible, I get a little bacon fat that fades to the bitter cherry, or a cherry “Life Saver” without the sweetness. This wine makes me chase the flavors, sucking air through the wine; chewing the wine; swishing the wine. Oh to have a good palate. There are nuances and fleeting flavors that tell me this wine has much to offer that I may be missing or unable to describe. I am truly enjoying this wine and will ask Carrie to post her observations so maybe some of my notes make sense, OR, prove I have no ability to taste and post on wine.