2007 Evesham Wood Puits Sec Pinot Noir

Despite impressive competition from Cameron, Westrey and others in the value < $30 Pinot market for the woefully underappreciated 2007 vintage, this wine has emerged as my current favorite. Floral, sous bois, citrus, minerals, wonderfully elegant fruit, terrific balance, excellent acidity, it’s all there. This is not for you if you need muscle, over-the-top fruit, raspy tannins, heat or roundness. As understated as the winemaker himself, and pure joy for the Pinot purist.


Ack! A new front-runner!?! Haven’t tried this one, will have to attempt to remedy that situation.

Richard - Thanks for the note on this one. It’s been about 3 years since I tried the Le Puit Sec but have the 05, 06, and 07 cellaring. Look forward to the fall release of the 08’s as well. I did try an '08 La Grive Bleue earlier this year (needs plenty of time), and it’s also a great bargin in the <$30 range as well. Definitely one of my favorites from Oregon.

Here’s a couple pics from our trip last year…first a pic of the Le Puit Sec 13 acre vineyard as you drive up the long gravel drive to his winery/house, and his small barrel cave. Hope you don’t mind me sharing a couple pics. Thanks again.

I’ll have to get on this one. Love EW wines, and frankly loving 07’s as well. Eyrie Estate '07 Recently was just great. I couldn’t agree more with your list there of value OR producers either, just my sweet spot on the style spectrum.

As of yet, it seems that the '07s have never shut down and maybe they never will. I really enjoyed the '07 Brooks Janus the other night. Held up quite nicely over two days.

Richard – Thanks for the look. I have not opened any of mine yet. It appears like that needs to change.

I can’t imagine not opening another in the near future!