2007 DRC Echexzeaux.....Decant Questions

Suggestions on decanting time before consumption. Thanks in advance. I was thinking 2 hrs with a double decant back into the bottle.

I wouldn’t double decant unless you see visible sediment issues, I doubt you’ll have issues with that. Last one I had, I opened 5-6 hours before dinner, confirmed sound with an ounce and left it in cellar til dinner to breathe in bottle. Too much air is too risky IMO with a full decant that it closes up and shows acid, tannin and stem.

I’ve never had DRC and don’t play at this level but if the DRC 2007s are anything like other 2007 burgs, you’d have to think it will probably show well without decanting. I’d probably just pop the cork, maybe give it 30-60 minutes of bottle aeration and drink over 3-4 hours to fully enjoy the evolution.

Never understand why people dont give wines like these the time they deserve. My advice is to pop and pour and spend a few hours enjoying its metamorphosis instead of trying to catch it at a more precise moment. Enjoy!

I wouldn’t decant. Pop and pour and watch it evolve in the glass.

+1- no need to decant

Had 3 bottles of this over the last 2-3 years.

Another vote for pop and pour and enjoy over 3 hours.

P&P and don’t even think twice.

Thanks for all the comebacks. We popped and poured… wine was terrific.