2007 Biggio Hamin Syrah XX Is In The House - NOTE ADDED

Smells so nice! Report back later.

You got it! I’ll look forward to your notes. This was such an interesting tasting experience for us-- I thoroughly enjoyed the florals, and Steve thought they were downright bizarre. I don’t plan to unscrew my remaining bottle for several years, but I hope Todd makes more in subsequent vintages.

I pried a few bottles from Todd. IIRC his 08s are in this style. Not sure if they have 20% but I think they are up there. Not sure what the stem count is but it has got to be high. The palate is a bit weird but I’ll give it some time in the decanter.


hope you enjoy jason. I had this blind two months ago, and between the group of people that had it, it was a love it or hate it wine. I was in the love it camp and even thought it was one of the northern rhones in the line up

It is a love or hate wine. The Melon de Bourgogne from the same vineyard is as well. Or maybe it’s me.

Either way in 08 the regular Syrah doesn’t exist, nor will a XX. Instead we will have the XIV which is a single vineyard blend of Viognier (guess how much…) Syrah and Pinot noir. 14/83/3

I have no idea when it will get bottled, but it smells fantastic. Cheers.

Because of the recession, you decided to just blend all of your red and white wine together in 2008, Todd?

Wow, times are tough.

So Jason, did you wind up in the “love it” or “hate it” camp?

The 08 XIV blend was committed to 10/30 when the fermenters were filled and Deux Vert Vineyard is one of five we work with, it’s a seven barrel lot.

(sorry I don’t know you well enough to be sure you are joking)

Sorry, Todd, I was joking.

I suspected so, but sometimes you just never know. And I think the housekeeping patrol will hit the spendy OR producers.

I have heard that many OR producers are in serious financial trouble.

Yep, they will be putting the uck in fuck. Hard.

  • 2007 Biggio Hamina Cellars Syrah XX Deux Vert - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Yamhill-Carlton (6/26/2009)
    Okay, I am back home so I’ll take a moment to add my thoughts. I am definitely in the “love it” camp. It leans toward Cote Rotie on the nose. Very pretty and floral. With a light body and texture and fresh fruit flavors it showed CdP qualities. Certainly not like anything I have had from the new world. A pretty wine with big acidity. Seems like Oregon could have great potential with rhone grapes. (91 pts.)

Looking forward to what 08 will produce.



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Glad you liked it. The 08 will be called XIV, it’s mainly syrah… 14% viognier
and about three prcent PN. All from Deux Vert vineyard. I hope it’s done with malo soon…