2007 Belle Glos Pinot Noir "Clark & Telephone" Vyd, Santa Maria Valley.

Ruby red. bit cloudy. Cranberries & strawberries on the nose. Juicy and brite red fruit on the palate almost candylike? Velvety mouthfeel. Always an approachable wine to drink right off the shelf. Their style of winemaking seems to be consistent every time I try this producer. Perhaps not a wine for the most discerning palate but always a crowd pleaser.

Lou, ditto on your tasting note. I had this wine a week ago at a mass Pinot tasting. I was actually a little disappointed given the high ratings that this label gets from some critics. Decent stuff, but nothing special.

Was this from last night? Sorry to have missed. How were the other wines?


This was from last night’s 07 Cal PN tasting and you were missed! I think we all struggled like heck to differentiate the wines…nothing really stood out on either side of average. The Belle Glos was the WOTN and the Drew ranked last, but our rankings were all over the place. For me, The Belle Glos, & the Landmark showed the best but no immediate plans to buy any more from this lineup.



candied red fruit, velvety in the mouth…dead on for Belle Glos in my experiences. Very simple but approachable.

had the 04 & 05 vintages of C&T, that was plenty. not a big fan of Taylor Lane either.