2006 Slingshot Cabernet Sauvignon

We tried this a week or so ago and thought the price point and drink-ability would make the wine a good by the glass pour for the bar, so we bought a few cases and revisited.

Day 1: Cedar and blackberry on the nose. On the palate, black fruits, soft tannins and fairly good finish. Not a blockbuster or over saturated Cab, but a very pleasant Cab. Not too tannic, not much alcoholic bite, obvious Cabernet fruit character and again a pretty good black fruit finish of 30+ seconds.

Day 2: Bottle was sealed with a Haley’s corker. No gas or vacuum to protect the wine. Cedar is prominent on the nose and palate on first sip, with fruit subdued or concealed. After several minutes, the cedar left both the nose and palate, revealing more concentrated black fruits. When I thought it was fading, the next sip had concentrated fruits and a pleasant, lingering finish of cassis with some drying of the mouth inherent with Petite Verdot or Cab Franc. Very interesting.

A pretty good wine for the price point. If you can find it locally, give it a try. Should be in the 20-24 dollar range and to me appears to be very food friendly.

I would like to get some of your opinions on this wine if you can find it.

14.5 % Alcohol

I had this a few weeks ago, Randy, and my reaction was similar to yours. A good buy at $19. I was especially surprised by the structure in this wine. It was a bonus at this price. Enjoyable, solid, would buy again. Slingshot is related to Stewart Cellars and that’s why I bought it.


I had no idea they were related. I tasted it and thought for the price it was really easy to drink, doesn’t need hours of decant, 30 minutes or so and ready to go.