2006 Seven Stones offer...who's in?

Got the offer about an hour ago. Same setup as last year, but this year there are 50 magnums they will be offering based on a wish list request.

There was one note on the other board for the 2006, but has anyone been able to taste this yet?

Last year the allocations sold out in a matter of hours. I’m wondering how fast things will evaporate this year. I don’t know what the case production was last vintage, but this year it’s 12 barrels or 296 cases, so not too much.


I got the offer. I’m in for a 3 pack. Great connections and a well run operation, even if the wine is a bit pricey. I have not yet tasted the 05. I put in a wish list request for a magnum of the 06 but before I actually pull the trigger on it (if I receive one) I may have to open an 05 or read more about it.

I got the offer but am going to see if anyone wants to either split it or take my allocation. Just can’t do it right now.

received offer and purchased, including (hopefully) a maggie [emot-pwn.gif]

saw the property and tasted with roy a few weeks back, what an amazing setup! he doesn’t really setup tours but this just happened to work out. wine is amazing, i’m sold! i’d post a pic of the stones but I don’t hve them on the internet anywhere to link to. what a treat!

Steve, which vintages did you taste?

I am in. I think Roy said the allocations would be good for a week unlike last year’s first come, first serve.

we tasted the 06 with roy and my lil group. ironically enuff RP’s nephew was with us for the tour, not officially affiliated with uncle but he is an asst winemaker around napa. the wine was open for 2.5 hrs in decanter before we tasted (and could have used 6-8 more to start loosening up). bigggg stuffing here, it made a (further) believer out of me. i had tasted the 05 about a yr ago and it was quite impressive as well. the few frineds that i was with have all bugged me today about the allocation befoming available, it obviously made an impression on them…

I am anxiously hoping to make the 2nd wave of offerings.

Tom, if you don’t get an offer let me know, i have some left over.

I didn’t get offered any this go round. No worries though…not even planning on any.

I have 6 available. If anyone wants them, let me know ASAP.