2006 Pontet Canet

Picked up a 2006 Pontet Canet today at Costco on a whim for about $88. A wine rep friend who I saw there told me it was a killer deal (it’s not his wine). I hadn’t checked prices beforehand, but after I got home I saw it a little cheaper in stores in NY and TX, and more expensive in a number of places. Ratings are high. Does anyone have any thoughts on this wine?

We had this a few months ago and I will say that myself and Jeremy, another big PC fan, were both disappointed. Basically, it was a big, tannic mess.

Killer deal is relative, I picked it up for $69 back in July. In fact, $88 is more than what I paid for my '05 PCs. IMO Bordeaux is overpriced in general. I’ve only bought a relative handful in the past 2 & 1/2 years, since the insanity truly set in with the '05 vintage.

93 CT will 33 notes. Suggested drinking window 2016 - 2039.

From a bottle with a 25% fill that was open for 5 hours this was a super wine. [cheers.gif]

Yeah, I am usually pretty forgiving with PC because they are consistently one of my favorite Bordeauxs, but this was one of the weakest I have had in its youth in quite a few years.

Will it improve? Certainly, but I would never expect it to come around like the 04 or even the 02.

BTW, Rob and I found these for $60 awhile back, but even the shop we bought them from admitted it was a crazy price and they wouldn’t expect to see it that low there ever again.

04 is the great value pc. In fact Max just had a few at around 40 a pop. 05 is the pedigree, 03 is the hedonist and I am eager to try the 07 and 08.

06 like most Pauillac that vintage are quite backward. It will demand patience.

Thanks for the feedback… I did the read the CT notes, but don’t put too much stock in them with the wine this young, and the notes are often short without a lot of info. I know Bordeaux prices are high, but it does seem like a decent value given the recent track record. I do expect to hold onto it for quite some time…

My only comment would be merely on the price point. I tried a flight of solid 2006’s BDX at last year (PC, Leoville Barton, Ducru, etc.) and the Pontet Canet was as good as the rest. I felt it wasn’t as approachable as the Ducru but wasn’t as tight as the Barton but all 3 had the stuffing to be good/great wines in a non ‘vintage of the century’.

I think this is the key. How long are you willing to wait? I’ve seen some comparison between 1995 and 2006 for Pauillac. Haven’t tried the 2006 yet, but thought I would relay my experience with 1995, since this was my first buying and cellaring experience with PC.

For me, most 1995 were tannic monsters on release (PC included) but there was plenty of fruit along with the wall of tannin. At 10 yrs, PC was drinking rather one-dimensional with a 2-4+ hr double decant. At 15 yrs the tannins are still there and secondary flavors and aromas are coming through. I’m thinking 20+ yrs on the 1995s which is fine with me since this was my wedding year!

I’m holding out on buying 2006. If it ever hits $50, then I’m a buyer beyond the 2-3 bottles to keep my vertical going.

For those interested today’s mailer from max @ wineconn has it at ~72/btl

At the UGC tasting two years ago Pontet Canet stood out as one of the only '06’s worth drinking. If it’s reminiscent of the '95’s that doesn’t say much to me, because I’ve been dissapointed in most of my '95’s except for the really high end stuff. I’m avoiding '06 all the way around. My favorite values for BDX right now are '04 and '96 right banks, and '98 Margaux. Was at Pontet Canet in October and they were saying how lonely it feels to be one of the only biodynamic producers in the region (first certified vintage was '08 but '04 was the main transition). The leftover grapes on the vines 3 days after harvest were DELISH.

It will take at least another 5 years to show a bit more integration. Had the 06 Leoville Barton not too long ago and it was definitely backward. In my perspective, 06 vintage is similar to 04 . . . quite classic for the left bank. PC should show better with time . . . be patient.