2006 Pavie...price plummet?

Just picked up some 2006 Pavie at about a 35% savings off the En Primeur price.

As a retailer looking to resell, or a private consumer to drink it. [drinkers.gif]

I’m listening…

I will be selling it, of course. I know people have mentioned price clearances in the US on 2006 BDX, but this is one of the first major one that I saw overseas.

Resale will probably be about $170ish. We sold it on futures for $249.

BAN Posner! Hes advertising! [gheyfight.gif]
Oh wait…wrong board…they dont have ghey fights there…
Or do they [emot-pwn.gif]

So nice to just have honest commentary from our retailers without worrying about silly and unnecessary censorship in the name of “principle”.

Thanks for the post, Daniel.


You’re going to make Landreth’s heart all warm and fuzzy with this!!

Offer it on the “other” Board to your buddy Leve. He can’t seem to get enough of it. Leve some for Tex here, he is in the Pavie for life mode.

Freudian slip of the fingers Jack? [highfive.gif]

Exactly. Now I just need to round up some funds.

I’ve mentioned this on other threads, but I’ll go ahead and repeat myself here: It’s very, very difficult for me watch the DOW lose more than half its value, and to see the entire worldwide economy plunged into a deep recession, and to note that all the major financial centers are now dominated by highly anti-capitalist forces, and yet somehow still imagine a future in which something as silly and as needless as high-end fermented grape juice could continue to maintain its balloon-era pricing.

If that’s possible, then nothing makes sense.

I wholeheartedly agree, except that I NEED my silly high-end fermented grape juice.

The number of posts I have had deleted there is pretty astonishing these days. I saw a client the other night who told me that Mark Squires approached him about why he speaks so highly of me and my business on the Parker board. I guess he wanted to know if I was forcing this behavior. I wonder if he asks the same questions of those who promote Garagiste, PC, etc.

Why does he spend time worrying about it? Aren’t there bigger, more important things to deal with in life?

I think I would have a hard time sitting down for dinner with MS.

[quote=“Chris S p i k e s”]Why does he spend time worrying about it? Aren’t there bigger, more important things to deal with in life?

I think I would have a hard time sitting down for dinner with MS. Quote]

I wouldn’t as long as i could do the cooking. [diablo.gif]

I guess that’s a great price, but I just picked up some 89 Pichon Baron for less than that. So my question to everyone is why spend the money on the Pavie from a average vintage when you can pick up great wine from a great vintage for less.

The 89 HB’s are still going above $850 a bottle. No discounts in site.

I guess I have to hope for a world wide depression. [drinkers.gif]

Conjurs a funny image. People in line for food and jobs and you and I smiling as we score a case of HB for 5 grand.

Not in good taste Humberto. I realize this board is more liberal than others, and I like it because of that, but your use of the word “ghey” is offensive, and frankly, disappointing. Are we really still in that mindset? In 2009? Seriously?

I’m not gay, but have many friends and acquaintances who are, whom happen to be good people and GREAT parents (yes, adoption) and I find this in poor taste. Sorry to call you out, I am sure you are a nice guy, but I felt this needed to be pointed out and stopped early, as this board just doesn’t need that kind of stuff.

Sorry to drift from the thread, I just felt this needed to be said, and while we can be more open here, I hope we can also be more civil.