2006 cab bonanza

What a great nitr. So much fun. Thank you Ira and Ann!!

In general, my thought that the wines were lighter in style, ripe fruit profile and a decent amount of residual sugar. I think for the most part, most of these wines were smack in the middle of their drinking window.

Blankiet: Sexiest wine of the night. Yowsa. Dirty, dirty dirty. Exceeded expectations. 92

Checkerboard: Good structure. Love it. 94

Montelena: Why buy this?? As expected. not memorable. Watered down. Blah. Least fave wine of night 81

Foley: A bit vegetal. Tannic. Not my thing. Disjointed. Disappointing. 85

Scarecrow: WOTN Spectacular. Out of body experience. The fruit just kept coming like a gob stopper. 97

Roy: good not great. Bit hollow in mid palate. Hot on finish. 86

Backus: Ripe fruit. Fruit forward. Not sure if this will age. Drink up. 93

Araujo: Very yummy. Great purity of fruit. Oak is in your face. Less sophisticated. 90

Futo: Vibrant. A touch sweet. Red fruit dominant. Lots of sugar. 90

Hundred Acre: This is absolutely stunning. Cool mouth feel. Well integrated. Smooth as silk. easy as some people’s Sunday morning. Others are more aggressive. 96.

Shafer HSS: A line drive up the middle. Nuff said. The real deal. 95

Vineyard 29: Softer fruit that turned a bit flat and flabby. I have had better from them. Very sweet. 87

Corra: Lighter style. Not enough structure but the fruit is pure 93

Hobbs Beckstoffer: Very chewy. Huge fruit. A bit brutish at this stage the fruit is real but needs some time 95

Bond Quella: Sweet red fruit. Smooth as silk. Very nicely integrated. Hedonistic. 95

Phelps Insignia: Black cherry and blueberry. Some sweet vanilla and oak. Easy on the palate 91

Kapcsandy state Lane: great cherry profile. Nice balance of oak and earth jammy 94

17 Cabs!
Looks like a fun night

Miami guys put it on. Lots of fun.