2005 Wayne Gretzky Estates Cabernet Sauvignon No. 99

Seems reasonable enough to take a shot…


Yeah …I was wondering about that
not often you see 80% off!
Any opinions?

Cheers Rip

Thought this sounded familiar…

Looks like its getting blown out on letspour as well ($13.60/bottle, free shipping with 3+ bottles).

You get $25 credit for signing up (I get credit for referrals as well). They do a funny thing with their credit, you can only get 20% discount on wines using credit, but their prices are pretty good at times (especially with shipping).

We were selling it for $11.99 normal retail. Blowout? I call shenanigans, good wine though…

I have had the wine many times, and this vintage too. It is a bit of a shame, because this was a nice winery. When they changed their name to Wayne Gretzky, it made it seem as if they were makig cheap plonk solely to be sold to hockey fans who don’t care much. In reality, a nice red wine that often scores in the mid-80’s for me.