2005 Phelan Segur is killing right now...

No time for detailed notes at the moment, but I’m shocked at what a tremendous wine this is. It’s in a perfect space right now for the Bordeaux lover who appreciates classical traits, but also can handle a few of the modern, juicy aspects of the vintage and the region

Interesting. Not a producer I have had a lot. I’ll have a look . . . .

One of my favorites. A bit tough when young but it’s really nice with some time.

I can’t remember which Hannibal Lecter movie it was, but he had the 1992 while chomping on some guys brains!

Have not had the 2005, or a lot of the other vintages, but have always enjoyed the ones I have had. One of my regrets many years ago was the 1990. Tried a bottle, was wowed and when I went back for more, it was gone.

Sadly it was my last bottle…so I just purchased 6 bottles of the 2018 en primeur to do this again in 10-15 years :slight_smile: