2005 Nicolas Potel Clos de Vougeot - Any opinions?

A local store has cut their price…and WL has even cheaper at $107. Any opinions of whether its worth pulling the trigger on a couple? Don’t usually play with Grand Cru burgs, but have enjoyed other Potel offerings.

Prices are being cut all over the place on high end Burgs. I recently paid $125 for an 02 Potel Bonnes Mares and a couple of days ago I got the same bottle for $85. As for the Potel CdV, I haven’t had that one but aside from one corked bottle, I’ve yet to have a Potel that I didn’t like and that’s cheaper then the 06 (until that gets marked down as well)

I had the 05 and 06 potel cdvougeot at a large tasting hosted by burghound last October. I thought both were very good indeed but the 06 was the pick of the two that evening. I’ve been looking for the 06 to get discounted ever since.

Have had the wine two times a very good item-one of Potel’s

better Grand Cru’s for 2005.