2005 Nicholas Rossignol Chevret

So I was reading CT notes that said this was drinking at prime so I figured I’d give it a shot. Well, they were wrong. We popped a 06 taittinger cdc and 15 Marchand Tawse Clos des Ormes as aperitifs before this wine and they were great but paled in comparison. The color of the Chevret looked like a cab compared to a light Pinot and it was massive, but stately and elegant. It was like a ballerina with 20” biceps, or a bull in a china closet in a chiffon dress. Just outstanding.

Great note Michael, my first go with this producer was with the 2010 Chevret, and eaqually found it large scaled but ultimately outstanding. Seeing where prices have recently shot up to with this producer, I was I had bought quite a few more than the three pack purchase, I think paid $60 per back then, i think they are now well over a hundred a pop.

Nice note. The only one of Nicholas’s wines I’ve had was an 06, similarly larger-scaled but still very nice.

Thanks for the data point. Interesting to see how the '05s are doing.

I enjoyed Nico’s '15 Volnays at La Paulee. Great combo of fruit purity with earthiness.