2005 Colgin Cariad from Mag, and 2005 Shafer Hillside Select

Last evening, one of my clients was in town with 3 buddies on their annual golf trip. After a fun day of golf, they joined us at home for dinner. Over a dinner of New York strip steaks and other fixings, we enjoyed the 2005 Colgin Cariad from magnum, and a 2005 Shafer Hillside Select.

  • 2005 Colgin Cariad - USA, California, Napa Valley (5/25/2018)
    Served from magnum and decanted for two hours. This is a terrific wine that is in a perfect place for drinking. The wine shows an ideal combination of age while still retaining some youthful characteristics. The tannins are perfectly integrated, the wine itself polished and extremely well balanced. Everything is in harmony here. Sadly my last bottle, bit a real treat to drink. (99 pts.)

  • 2005 Shafer Cabernet Sauvignon Hillside Select - USA, California, Napa Valley, Stags Leap District (5/25/2018)
    Upon opening, the wine exhibited a vanilla note from the oak that I felt detracted from the fruit somewhat. It probably was more noticeable as it was following a 2005 Colgin Cariad which had been decanted for several hours. This was pop and pour. Rather quickly, the oak note went away with air, and the wine delivered an outstanding performance. Velvety tannins, and a beautiful mouthfeel made this a very enjoyable wine to drink with dinner. My last 750 and I wish I had more. (97 pts.)

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Both wines were terrific. There were also two bottles of Peter Michael’s 2011 Ma Danseuse Pinot Noir consumed, but I didn’t taste either bottle.

Awesome notes Jim! Musta been pretty good clients :wink:

Not surprised the Shafer needed a little air - just had the 09 the other night and even after 12 hours of slow-oxing it didn’t really start to open up until we swirled it vigorously in our glasses.

wonderful notes Jim; thanks for sharing; sounds like a great time