2004 Turley Rattlesnake Ridge Zinfandel

Purchased off the mailing list. Popped and poured with fennel sausage and roasted pepper pizza. On the label, this is 16% ABV. In the past I’ve thought the alcohol was overpowering in younger Turley zins. One of the reasons I stopped purchasing a number of years ago. But didn’t get any sense of that in this wine. No alcohol on the nose and it was really integrated. Fruit was slightly muted, which I’ve come to like in zinfandel and why I tend to appreciate them with some age more than most. But by no means was it faded. Flavors were dark fruits but not really ‘jammy’ like a young zin often is. No oak of significance that I picked up on. Very enjoyable mature wine. Doubt there’s any advantage to keeping them any longer.