2004 Bordeaux - where does it rank amongst non-vintage of century wines

James - thanks for participating here.

I was curious what your take on the 04 red BDX vintage is, now that we’re 5+ years out. I’ve tended to enjoy just about every wine I’ve tasted, such as Lagrange (left bank), Gloria, Lagune, Grand Puy Lacoste and even Fleur Cardinale seems like it may come around.

How would you place the red 2004s amongst the other NON-“vintage of the century” wines of the past two decades?

This is an excellent question.

Of the recent “non-vintage-of-the-century” vintages I dig '01 and '04 best.

John beat me to the punch. But I think 2004 is just under 2001 in quality, and I agree that they are delicious. They are better than 2007, 2006, 2002, and 1999.