2004 Balgera Rosso di Valtellina, Lombardy

This is a lovely Oliver McCrum selection that I got yesterday for $30 with a selection of other Italian wines that we will be trying over the next weeks.
Served cool in GGG. The wine is a lovely transparent mature ruby browning at the edges. Lighter than some Rosés but clearly a different hue. Aromas are initially dried flower, smoke, and tar, but as we neared the end of the bottle refreshing alpine herbs came to the forefront. Lively acids and tannins, extremely refreshing and a joy to drink. Not overly complicated, but a nice mature Nebbiolo that is a great accompaniment to lighter dishes. We had roast chicken baked with potatoes, olives and preserved lemons.

Great price for a mature Nebb. I like the Balgera wines across the board. Did a visit with Paola and his sister about 4 yrs ago. Wonderful folks, wonderful wines.

Is this the infamous wine from RPs “bat guano” review?

Had an 05 Sasella earlier this year and it was rocking. These wines are a crazy value.


I am glad you liked the wine, and the menu is making my mouth water. Sounds perfect.