2003 Fonseca

Popped and poured last night - even my wife who hates port (and I’m not a huge fan myself) liked it. Will post a more formal note tonight after we finish the bottle with pops.

We commited infanticide on a case of 375s over the past couple years, with chocolate and fruit & cheese. They were all very enjoyable. Too bad we didn’t keep any to see how they matured.

Have had it twice in the past six months from 750 mL…very tasty indeed for such an infant.

We also blew through a case of 375s of 2003 Croft’s during the same time. It was a little softer and easier to drink than the Fonseca.

its about time you came to the sticky side. I did like it as well, surprisingly nice as a pop and pour.

The 2003 Fonseca VP is a great Port and oh so young at the moment. It hasn’t closed up at all and still has so much big ripe fruit to it.

The 2003 Croft is a winner and the first declared vintage since TFP (The Fladgate Partnership) required it in 2001. TFP has put a lot of money into getting it back into a top notch producer and this one, and the 2007, really shows that. This is considered one of the top VP’s of 2003.