2003 Clos Manou

This is a burly, muscular little devil. Thick with flannel tannins and dark dark fruit. RMP said this was mature in 2006 (!), but I think it is at least 4-5 years off and maybe more. An exceptionally well made little wine though.

Best post ever . . . in Asylum!!!

Did it remind you of Charles Bronson? [snort.gif]

Clean up on aisle 3! Mods, can you shuffle this off to Wine Talk?

Was this your dinner wine, or dinner date? [snort.gif]

I want to make love to this wine.

Plan to boink the bottle? First remove the sharp foil capsule.

I suspect ol’ Ben had the punt in mind . . . . [wink.gif] [whistle.gif]

Why is this in Wine Talk? “Clos Manou” is the name of Neal’s girlfriend.

You are a sexist. Clos could be male, female, or other.

No, I have met Ms. Manou, and she is clearly female.

Of course, she could be one impressive cross-dresser, but I would expect nothing less for Neal.