2002 Sean Thackrey Aquila Eaglepoint Ranch Sangiovese

OK, no way I’d guess this wine blind and, excluding Vino Noceto, I have likely had less than 12 domestic Sangiovese wines in my lifetime. Nose was like a sweet, light Cab Sav with some oak apparent; I think I would have guessed Sonoma Cab from a good year. Mouthfeel quite nice and while tannic there are tons of red fruit throughout and I think I would have guessed maybe muscular Pinot, while commenting how different the nose and taste were for me. Finish medium with some drying tannins still - this wine goes 5 more years effortlessly. After 3 hours in a decanter the wine becomes rounder (maybe I just got used to the tannins?) and the whole effect of the wine just seemed more harmonious.


Thanks for the note. Had the '03 recently and really enjoyed it. I also probably would have guessed Pinot if tasted blind. I’ll have to give the '02 a try soon.

Cheers, [cheers.gif]


Having the 03 tonight and from the nose alone I’d bet real money on Bordeaux or Caldeaux. Fruit is red in this vintage too and maybe if I were on my game tonight I’d guess Super Tuscan after drinking a whole glass. Really good bottle and so glad I have more.

Glenn - Have you had the 1999 Scholium To Kalon Sangiovese! The BEST domestic Sangiovese.

Only that once @ Abe’s party, and it was sublime. Mel made terrific basil sausages from Lockeford tonight with fresh brushetta, you guys would have loved this meal.

To Kalon Sangiovese??? That’s just craaaazzzzy!

Drank my last 02 about a year ago - no notes, and no recollection sorry.
I seem to have 1 bottle each of the 2000 and 2003 remaining - not sure why, but could be a good curiosity tasting some day.
The bottle of 2000 I have is labeled, but there were 2 releases of this wine. The first was shipped to the list completely unlabeled/unmarked. I have no idea whether this was legal - how could it be? But later he labeled and shipped the bulk of the wine.

Not to introduce reality into the conversation but my records show I paid like $45 a bottle for these wines.
Those were headier times, but this is no longer a QPR in my current, downturn mindset.
OTOH the money is a long lost thing of the past - so lets just crack these puppies. Just need to find an excuse.

I drank through a bunch of the 2002 in the past few years after a distributor change and they were blown out for $25. They seemed like light Chianti Classicos to me - not dissimilar from your notes. Much better qpr at $25 than $45 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the note, Glenn. Glad to see this is still drinking well

Where could I track down the '99 Scholium Sangio? Nothing comes up on W-S.

it is the first wine that I ever made! home brew. not a commercial release. I had about 18 bottles left from the original 44 cases and lost 12 of them when I moved this winter! tragedy. when I brought a bottle to John Kongsgaard to try, he picked it up, swirled it, smelled it, tasted it, put the glass down, and said: “Oh well. That is the best wine you will ever make.”

You lost a case? Like misplaced or dropped and broken lost?

Tragedy of Grecian proportion.


Been 5 years for this thread so why not a resurrection?

Roses & liquor on the nose, if you are averse to heat I don’t think this wine aged to your liking. Beautiful long finish makes this wine worthy tonight. Cherries on the palate but refined; an hour into drinking it I might have guessed Bordeaux, from say 2003. Still has perceptible tannin but they’re not drying or obtrusive. Enjoyed from Zalto Burg stems, everyone else at the table liked this a bit more than I did tonight.