2002 Keenan CS - Best QPR ever

Last evening I drank my last bottle of this wine. Fairly early on in my wine adventure I purchased most of my wines from a local wine shop. They had a salesman who would email me when they had a wine he thought I would like. He told me about this wine specially priced at around $20… So I tried it and loved it! I was however a bit surprised at the low price per since the Wine Advocate showed the release price to be $80 and Wine Searcher showed the lowest price available to be $40+. In Alaska we are not used to getting wine at bargain prices so I thought the pricing was a mistake. I called my sales person and asked him if the pricing was an error. He checked and told me he checked and the pricing was right. I bought all that they had… 58 bottles. This was the most of any one wine I have ever purchased (I now buy twos or threes mostly).

As it has turned out this was the single best QPR deal in my 25+ years of wine drinking. I bought these bottles 14 years ago and with few exceptions every one of the 58 bottles have been wonderful. Even more amazing is that the last bottle drunk last night was one of the best!

2002 Robert Keenan Winery Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley (5/14/2020)
Drank my last bottle of this wonderful Cab. This wine has provided lots of pleasure over the years but may just now be reaching peak enjoyment. the flavors were concentrated with dark fruits, licorice, leather and earth. Integrated tannin and great balance. If you still have these you are fortunate indeed. (95 pts.)

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I’ve been a fan of Keenan; bought some of the merlot, CS, and cab franc awhile ago. Posted notes on the 07 mernet this year.

I have also enjoyed other Keenan wines over the years but at considerably higher price points. [cheers.gif]

Great story, Don, and it sounds like a great wine. Thanks for posting.

Go visit that winery. Michael is great.

That’s one heck of a haul, 58 bottles! I haven’t had a Keenan in over a decade but I did occasionally drink them in the early 2000’s. If I remember I thought they were comparable to Pride at a usually much better price?

Great note. These are always excellent QPRs. My Costco keeps several different Keenan wines in stock on a regular basis at great prices.

Wow. Don’t think our Costco has ever offered a Keenan wine. [cheers.gif]

Go to their website and keep an eye on it. They have been offering various 50% discounts for members, 25% for non-members, but if not a member, call:you might get lucky.

Great note, thanks for posting. Pretty much everything Keenan touches turns to gold, IMO. Even the Merlot, and I ain’t drinking any f’ing Merlot! :slight_smile:

Their cabs age well. Just had a 12. Have a few more and won’t open for another 5 years or so.

I visited and bought two library wines from them (2001 CS and 2007 CS Reserve) that were a bit underwhelming; glad to hear others had good experiences

… on the other hand I am a huge fan of their dog [cheers.gif]

Agreed their Merlot offerings are top notch.