2002 JJ Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese TN

Wow! The color is so youthful! Clear and almost still greenish. The nose reveals honey, white and pink flowers and lots of slate. The fruit is deep and pure, white peach and apricot. Mouthwatering and long in the mouth; this is so much fun. BTW the wine has been open for 28 hours! Really good wine and the ginger note that peeks out is fascinating. I am no Riesling expert, but I am amazed by how youthful this wine is. How long do these puppies last?

Candied ginger is a quality that I love in Prüm

they last decades, but change. I prefer the youthful exuberance . . .

This is the wine that got me into German Riesling, and it will always hold a place in my heart for that reason. I would expect this to drink well over at least another 15 years. I have a couple tucked away right now — thank you for the update.

They last a really long time, especially in good vintages. I just had some 83s of this wine that were still vibrant and had years left. But as Alan said, they change and become less electric, more cerebral, more mellow, potentially a bit more complex. German Riesling is a wine that offers unique pleasures at many stages of its evolution.

Just had a bottle of the '07. Really wonderful juice. Should buy some more and cellar it.