2002 Dom Perignon

Had this today after not having opened one in a couple of years. Frightfully young, it has begun to become less lush and more structured. It was a little tight at first but opened nicely. Can’t wait to try one at age 20. By the way , this was topic 123456 on the board.

Thanks Michael!

Still have a couple of these in the cellar and plan to hold them for a long time. Love me some Dom P with age on them (25 -30 years +)

Lovely Champagne. Certainly appears to have a bright future. I drank several the first year+ it was release, now I’m trying to have some patience and let em rest.

had it once post release. Didn’t like it compared to 85, 96, few others. Glad I have waited on my stash.



I loved every bottle upon release and now am passively awaiting maturity with the others in my cellar. I`ll re-visit in 15-20 years.

It’s been a while. I will open one if I can dig it out of the holiday cellar this week. Luckily I think I hear enough for all three of my sons weddings.

We really like the 2002 Dom. Not sure if it will be as good as the 1996 vintage but would love to try them side-by-side in 15 years or so!