2001 Trimbach

Continuing the trend to drink up the cellar, I decided to open the 2001 Trimbach Frederic Emile, Frederic Emile 375 Anniversary, and Clos Ste. Hune. All are too young for my tastes. The regular Frederic Emile is lean and austere. Both the Anniversary and Clos Ste. Hune are riper and denser. Very close in quality. The Clos Ste. Hune perhaps a bit riper, the Anniversary maybe longer lived. Both needed lots of air to show their best.

For my taste the 2001 CFE 375th is perfect right now. Different strokes.

Same here, as of 1-2 years ago. No doubt it can go a lot longer, though.

Whereabouts are you mate? I’d be honored to offer my assistance! 2001 is a fav of mine from many regions.

This was my NYE wine, and it was stellar. Drinking beautifully and everything I wanted out of the experience.

in the zone for all the 01 Trimbach wines.

I think the 375th has been drinking great since early days and will for years to come. To me that’s one of the notable differences between it and CFE or Clos Ste June.

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I love the 375th. Bought 1.5 cases. Down to five bottles.

This was the first of my stash that I’ve opened. All needed considerable air time to show their best.