2001 Sociando Mallet

This just beginning to show a bit of maturity.
Very restrained and pure. No irritating fruit here, just enough dark berries to balance the eathiness. A great wine
Better than 2000 IMO


I have some…somewhere. Will have to dig one up.

Great to hear…fyi '03 is better than '05

Now, yes. In 10+ years, the 2005 wins the day.

Some are of the opinion that the 05 is the best Sociando since the 90.

ugh, the 2001 is too charry/bell peppery to be a favorite (for me)

I Iike '05 but its not their strongest vintage

'03 worth buying at $75?

Brian I would say no. I have bought a lot of it but never over $50. It’s very good but is emblematic of a very ripe vintage. Grab 2001 or 2000 for that price, or two bottles of the 2014.

Its all relative…if i had the Alfert country lawyer budget I would give a thumbs up…for me its well worth it

I think the 05 Sociando is a flat-out great vintage but still young. Acidity dominating the fruit now but you can tell there is a lot of depth there yet to unfold.

Will be fun to follow its evolution…only have one bottle left…after that’s gone I break into Alfert’s stash.

I’ve got 7 bottles of the 05 I’m sitting on. Thought about adding more, but decided that 7 is enough. I won’t touch those until 2025 most likely.

Marc is welcome to any of my stash, a great palate and person to be around!

How about the '00 for $87?

Benchmark in CA has it for $75. K&L has quite a bit from different vintages, just grabbed some 1995 and 1996 myself.

I saw those 95 and 96 at k&l. Obviously, your purchase answers my question of whether you feel those are fairly priced.

The 95 is excellent and at least approachable.

A hot, ripe year like 2009 (or 2015) would seem like a perfect vintage for a chateau like Sociando Mallet to overachieve, given how well they did in 1982, 1990 and 2003. I have not tried it but there has been zero buzz about the 09 Sociando. FWIW, the critics gave the 09 modest praise at best (but the standards of the day at least). Any one had it?

LOL “irritating fruit.”