2001 Sassacaia Magnum, SOLD

Many of you old-timers here know one of the OG members, Dick Krueger, who passed away some years ago. His widow, Carollee, reached out to me to sell the last remaining wine in his former collection, a magnum of 2001 Sassacaia. She’s not a member and was a beloved long-time member here, so I’m posting on her behalf.

She wrote this, passed on from Larry who took the photo and saw the bottle: “Tried to show fill level but bottle is too dark. Fill is right at the junction of the neck and the shoulder, what I would call bottom neck. Bottle actually looks perfect!”

Asking $850 OBO (with OBO, which I asked her about, it’s a matter of allowing for people to offer more than asking, via email, since the wine is worth more than her selling price) - email her at carollee.krueger@comcast.net with interest and details. She will ship to the buyer.