2001 Peter Michael Les Pavots--too early?

Trying to decide what to open for Christmas. Probably a bit early, but has anyone opened 01 Peter Michael Pavots recently? Decanting time? Or should I wait for a few years?


Plug (unpaid!) for Eric Le Vine’s Cellartracker.com. That’s the place for this sort of information. On a widely distributed wine like this one, you can see the last several years of tasting notes from various folks. Don’t see anybody in last year complaining that they opened the wine early.

David, I’ve opened several of these…they will be very good. Give them a good decant before you drink them if you’d like.

It’s a great wine, but I would wait , unless you have multiple bottles. This way you can “monitor” the evolution. If you only have one, I would wait in my humble opinion. It’s a beauty thats for sure. I am very fond of Peter Michael. If you like his Cab’s. Try Kamen, also from Sonoma. The two are probably the top two Cab’s in Sonoma (IMHO).

No recent experience with PM but, IMHO, most '01 Cabs need more time.

OTOH '02s are drinking really well now.

Thanks all–very interesting and helpful perspectives.

Not I buyer of the wine but have had different vintages over the years. IMO this wine ages poorly and can’t imagine holding it longer.