2001 Mugnier - Chambolle Musigny - Amoureuses

2001 Mugnier - Amoureuses.

This is a luscious wine that melts and expands in your mouth. There is a melange of fruit flavors, that seem to capture the essence of many different fruits all at once.
Surprisingly, the flavor profile of this wine runs more to black fruits than red, while still maintaining that background of ethereal Chambolle strawberry delicacy - does that make any sense ?
In a way it combines the flavor profile of a Roumier Bonnes Mares with a Mugnier Musigny, but of course, on a much lower level. In any event, this is a lovely wine, that is drinking very nicely at the moment. 93

Lovely note! The whole 2001 Mugnier lineup is stunning… I wish I bought more back when it was cheap.

Thanks Josh,

I had this a few months ago along with and '02, thought the '01 was just so much better…lovely wine.