2001 HL Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

I’ve been fortunate to have been able to taste some pretty decent California wines over the past year and the 2001 HL Vineyard is among the very best that I’ve had. I opened the 2001 last night with some friends…popped and poured:

Fantastic nose with a bouquet that I can still smell today. Dark ruby color and medium bodied. Very restrained, well balanced and smooth as silk with chocolate, vanilla and a hint of oak. It was more BDX in the mouth than California and the earthy finish lingered for an eternity. I think it’s in its optimal drinking window now, but I suspect that the Bordeaux like nuances will further develop over the next several years. Can’t wait to try it again in a few years!

Too bad they only make 80 cases a year, but I hope production increases now that they do not sell their grapes to Colgin (or at least that’s what I’ve heard).

Nice note, Ross.

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Thanks Ross, wish I had gotten on the list earlier ('03 was my first), but I love their wines. I know people are upset that they are no longer selling to Colgin, but I’m actually happy about it as it should increase allocations. While I’ve never had the Colgin HL, I’ve had plenty of Colgin and I perfer the HL style.

Good to see you posting here Ross. I had the 2005 four times in 2009 and it is easily a candidate for my WOTY. Wish I could get my hands on some of the older HL’s as I love Trujillo’s winemaking style.


Thanks for posting. [whistle.gif]

Hey Ross; Nice note and thanks for posting…The HL is also one of my favorite cabs. Hopefully production will go up as I believe that 2007 will be the last vintage for the Colgin version. Actually, I wish there was enough to go around to allow Colgin to continue as well.