2001 Côte de Nuits, which producers really killed it?

I’ve always been a big fan of 01s. I still have some bottles but wouldn’t mind backfilling others to toast them at age 20.

Dujac and Chevillon are two that spring to mind immediately, without too much reflection…

Just had a Mugnier Musigny 01 that was incredible.

Certainly Truchot. His 2001s are incredible.

Also, Clos des Lambrays, Bachelet and Rossignol-Trapet.

I’ve always enjoyed the 01 Mugneret Gibourg wines. The CV is sublime right now.

But that’s like saying you like vintage Porsches or Hermès! No surprise.

Interesting topic as I have had and still a number of 01’s. Good to hear about Dujac doing well in 2001 as we have 1 bottle of Bonnes Mares. Any idea of drinking window for this typically masculine vineyard?

If it were mine, I would say wait another five or six years. If I were dining with you and you gave me free choice in your cellar, I might drink it tonight.

Lol William. If ever we do have the opportunity to host you would gladly open for you. champagne.gif

Hubert Lignier

The 2001 Meo Clos Vougeot out of magnum was my Burgundy epiphany wine a couple of years ago. That has indirectly proven to be a REALLY expensive bottle for me—even though it was “free” (brought by someone else) at the time. Adrian was kind enough to bring another example to a dinner last year that was equally stunning - he put forth an interesting theory in his note about the interaction of the house style with a cooler vintage. I’ve also heard experienced tasters comments on how Meo really outperformed in 2001, though I haven’t personally tried any of the other wines. I had mentally filed it as something similar to the Jadot 1997 reputation, though I can’t say for sure how warranted that might be.

On a related and kind of coincidental note, I finally broke down last night and opened one of the most special (given my above history) bottles I own - a 1988 Meo Clos Vougeot. The nose was absolutely stunning, with tons of spice and mature dark fruit, as well as a hint of what I thought might be brett —though whatever this was seemed to blow off with air so perhaps not. Either way, the nose was super complex, though I felt the palate came off a tad rustic—not necessarily in a bad way—it was still nicely balanced and had decent length.

These old Meos are really difficult to track down. I picked up a 1988 Meo Boudots recently thinking that it (might?) have been the last year Jayer made that wine for the Meos. I think his contract ran through 1987, but I had read some comment from Jean-Nicolas Meo that his father had “worked something out” with Jayer in 1988 on those wines because J-N was still at UPenn until 1989. I’m not really sure though.

And they outperformed in 2003, too!

I have been buying more Méo for my own cellar recently. The wines just age so well…

let me know when you are in Orange County, CA. Love to have you over for dinner and open killer wines. With social distancing!

Yes! A Lignier 01 MSD VV (baby CdlR) more than held its own with an 01 Dujac CdlR drunk side by side last year…

That would be lots of fun - a project for 2021, I guess, the way 2020 is going… Happy to reciprocate in Beaune some time, needless to say.

Dujac, Vogue, chevillon, Lignier

+1 on Chevillon and Mugneret-Gibourg. Based on few tastings, I think Gouges did well, too – hard to say for sure at this point, since the wines need more time. About a year ago, a friend opened the 01 Gouges Clos des Porrets, and I felt it needed another 3+ years at that point but showed a lot of potential. All my 01 Gouges is LSG/Vaucrains, so I don’t plan on opening one for a while.

See a whole bunch of MSD wines on this list - Dujac, Lignier, Truchot, Lambrays. Now I am a huge fan of wines from MSD, so this does not really shock me in any vintage, but it is interesting here.

What he said. Also Comte Armand Clos de Epeneaux.

Lambrays, Drc

Surprised no one has mentioned Rousseau.

I do love Truchot’s and MG’s 01s. Dujac too.