2001 Christoffel Erdener Treppchen Spatlese

2001 Christoffel Erdener Treppchen Spatlese
Wow, this is insanely good. I thought it was fully mature 4-5 years ago, but this bottle is even better as the elements are now perfectly integrated in an utter, silky seamlessness. Super fresh and citrusy despite all the honeyed notes, dry extract, and oily body, with that epic ‘01 finish, so bright and long, sweeping away all the sugar on the attack.

loved it, Patrick, thanks for sharing!

the nose was equal parts intoxicating, and beguiling complexity; the palate, sheer joy, and so damn good/versatile with food

Glad you liked it too. Give my regards to the old country.

From the day they were released this has been one of my absolute favorite 2001s.

I am loving 2001s recently. This sounds awesome Patrick. Thanks for the notes.

I had a few and they were in a lovely place with many more years left in them.

I know 01s often have an extra gear, but this was so good it is making me regret putting some of my non-01 rieslings up for auction (I just had so much).

Love Christoffel and the 2001s are awesome. Trying to keep my hands off but recently had both Prum and Selbach and loved them.

I think I finished my 01s but I have an 02 or two remaining.

2002 is no slouch at all; just not as renown as 2001.

02 is my second favorite vintage from 2000-2010.