2000 Bordeaux are now 21 years old, finally reaching drinking age

I have begun to drink my lesser ones, like Chateau Jean Gue, especially to keep my hands off my early-1990’s California reds.

Still young but finally settled into a nice broad maturity plateau.

Yes. I have had several growths that have been fantastic over the years. All depends on how long you like to age your wines.


Great topic… I have enjoyed Canon La Galfierre, Lynch Bages, GPL and Carmes Haut Brion in the last year. I found all to be enjoyable with a few hours in the decanter. Not drinking like fully mature, but good experience and I would drink again.

Ducru B and Magdelaine were too young.

Any others worth trying?


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2000 Lagrange is in a great spot and a wonderful wine. Enjoyed the 2000 Pontet Canet even more than the Lagrange, but the P-C could use a little more time to peak, but it’s not far.

[Checks his notes] the incredible 2000 Figeac last year was ready to rock and roll, but it will last a long time. I’ve also enjoyed the 2000 Sociando, Lascombes, du Tertre, Duhart Milon and Lagune recently.

I agree the Magdelaine needs more time.

I drank the '00 Chateau Margaux in '14. Although young it was still wonderful. Did the Marg ever go dormant?

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I’ve had 2000 du Glana, Pontet Canet and VCC recently, all were drinking well in early maturity.

2000 Clerc Milon, with a double splash decanting.


2 I’ve had in the last year that I thought were drinking well were D’Issan and Les Carmes Haut Brion.

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I threw a Leoville Poyferre in the decanter for tonight…

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Just had a 2000 Duhart Milon last night. I was honestly worried that it was too mature at first blush. Slightly brown and a little thin but that first impression at pop-n-pour was soon replaced as it filled out over the next hour or so. More tertiary notes than fruit but both were there. It was very nice if not spectacular. Glad I have two more bottles left.

Opening this tonight

Had this a few days ago and also found it a little lean.

Palmer two weeks ago was very good, having digested what was once quite overbearing oak, though also showing a touch more animal funk than I would have anticipated.

I had the GPL recently. Fantastic wine. Others showing well in recent months were Talbot and Branaire Ducru.



I’ve enjoyed 3x 2000 Ducru in the past year. They were all stunning. In fact it’s my favorite BDX to backfill. Drinking well now and for years to come.

We had the 2000 Pontet Canet a few months ago and it was excellent, with several years left to enjoy well-stored bottles.


We had a solid 2000 Figeac with you a while ago!


I’ve been drinking a lot of 2000 BDX recently.

For my tastes and the estates I hold, I don’t think waiting is beneficial any more.

Moulin Haut Laroque was fully mature although not very complex.
Tour de Pez was mature with some time to go, elegant with all the st.estephe aromatics and a good length of fruit and flavours.
a very nice surprise.

I popped 2000 Leoville Baron after golf a few weeks back and it was gorgeous
still primary but loads of enjoyment to be had

I second or third the 2000 Figeac. Had it twice in the last two years and it was excellent, but will continue to last and perhaps improve. I am in no hurry to drink my remaining bottls.

Cantemerle 2000 is just lovely right now. Probably won’t get better but not in decline. For my taste 2000 Sociando is entering a good drinking window, but no harm in waiting. 2000 Haut Bages Liberal is drinking well – I don’t see it improving. So along the lines of the OP I am focusing on Cantemerle and HBL, and some others like Reignac (not really my taste it appears) and Reserve de la Comtesse (which may improve – can’t figure this one out yet).

Yes, that was another great bottle of the 2000 Figeac (and the second you brought to a tasting I attended!). Fun night, back in the glow and innocence of pre-pandemic life.