$200 Champagne-The Most Pleasure NOW...?

For enjoyable drinking NOW, what would give me the most pleasure…the 2008 Dom Perignon OR the 1995 Charles Heidsieck ‘Blanc des Millenaires’ (recent bottling)??


You can’t go wrong, but I’d vote for the Heidsieck. It’s in a perfect spot right now.

1995 Millénaire

1995 here

For drinking now definitively the 1995 Heidsieck. It is just incredible right now.

In all fairness, I have not had the 95 CH, but I have had a lot from the 95 vintage. The 95 will of course be the more “mature” choice of the two.

That being said, I have had 2 bottles of the 08 DP thus far. A GLORIOUS wine! As a young wine, it reminds me a lot of the 96, but a touch more mature. I mean this in terms of its complexity/sophistication/balance and not “mature” like the 03 was when it came out.
If you want to enjoy a CLEAN, elegant, sexy bottle of bubbles, I vote the DP.

Whichever you choose, it’ll be a great day! champagne.gif

I FULLY enjoy both young and fresh, but also deep, brassy, with tinges of brioche and nut. So, I believe some of you are right, I can’t really lose.

95 CH is amazing. The 04 is good but not on the same caliber now.

2008 DomP is young but still showing great.

Its a win win imo.

No question. 1995 heidsieck.

I do like the CH but the 08 dom is just so great right now. It’s the type of champagne that you pour a glass, think it’s great, taste it again to figure out what a note is, and the bottle is gone. Drinking amazingly well, for now.

Get the 2006 Comte de Champagne and save some money.

1995 I believe is also a later disgorgement so it’s still got quite a bit of freshness to it considering its age. Drinking wonderfully now and also a crowd pleaser too. I’d vote for the '95 personally.

I have had both recently. I agree with others that you can’t go wrong but I would vote for the 08 Dom. Honestly though, both are in a great place.

I have both and have opened several of each this year. You can’t go wrong with either, but the '95 Heidsieck is still fresh and probably on a long plateau of peak drinking. The '08 Dom is beautiful now, but still young and primary, slightly restrained, but drinking better than most young Doms. I also agree with the '06 Comte, which is drinking well.

In short; the '95 BdM.


95 Charlie for me, 08 Dom is too young right now.

02 Dom

‘09 Cristal.

Of those two, for me, it’s Heidsieck without hesitation. There are probably others I’d prefer over either for the price. Both choices are really nice, though.

95 BdM hands down for me. I think that DP will be the best since 82 as far as “recent” vintages. But for now that BdM is in a better place.