2 Samples

Guess what these are:

Sample A - Light ruby color, moderate transparancy. Simple cherry nose. Cherry flavors dominated by a medicinal and eucalyptus/mint taste. Long, but unpleasant finish.

Sample B - Dark ruby, almost opaque. Cherry and red apple nose. Black cherry flavors, blackberry, and a touch of tropical fruit (banana?), minty. Moderate, clean finish.

Sean Thackrey Pleiades or Pinot Noir.

that makes me think of an old Heitz Martha’s Vineyard, but also remember getting eucalyptus on the nose as well. [scratch.gif] Will be interesting to find out what it is.

Maybe I’m cheating by not narrowing to specific wines, but, I’m going with:

Sample A-Sangiovese

Sample B-Pinotage

Change my answer.

A) JM 94+
B) WS 88


Red Bicyclette Pinot Noir

While I know it’s common in Pinotage, I don’t usually get burnt rubber. But do often get hawthorne (aka band-aid). The banana sent me toward either Pinotage or Beaujolais, but the appearance caused me to reject Beaujolais.

A - 04 Burgundy
B - 06 Burgundy

Some really good guesses.

This really wasn’t fair as neither were actually wines, but it struck me how close they reminded me of a couple of very highly regarded wines I have had that I haven’t enjoyed as much as others.

Sample A reminded me of a 2007 SQN Labels Syrah I had a couple of weeks back. Lovely nose, but with a very strong medicinal component flavor.

Sample B reminded me of a 2004(?) SQN Over and Out Pinot Noir a 2-3 years back.

There was none of the menthol/eucalyptus component in either wine, but the artificial fruit and medicinal flavors were both there. I wonder if I would taste this in other SQN wines?

Sample A was Halls Sugar Free Black Cherry Drops
Sample B was CVS Sugar Free Black Cherry Drops

I did this taste test with a few of my work associates, and the CVS brand was preferred by all over the more expensive Halls.

Halls Sugar Free Black Cherry Drops - “Hypothetical Parker/Dr Big Jay” 100, Errol = 72
CVS Sugar Free Black Cherry Drops - “Hypothetical Parker/Dr Big Jay” 89, Errol = 81

Clearly some critics go for the overextracted and super mature fruit flavors.