2 Duds in a Row & a Classic Winner

Probably the worst two wines in a row in a long time but Felsina saves the day.

2015 Eola Hills Wine Cellars Pinot Noir Winemaker’s Reserve - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley (7/16/2021)
Day 1: No better than the last time. A to Z would be better. Celery, cardboard and some fruit. Just not what I expect from Willamette Valley.
Day 3: Still the same sweet style Pinot Noir that I dislike. I can see where if you just swallow this wine you will enjoy but move this around in your mouth and tell me this is 90 points! (78 points)

2017 Marietta Cellars Christo - USA, California, Sonoma County (7/18/2021)
Day 1: A bit sweet for my tastes. Liked other vintages better. Red hots, spice and chalk. As others have noted not a good wine. Really disappointing 14 and 15 were solid but this is a complete bust. Will of course try over the course of 3 or 4 days to see if it improves. 80 points
Day 2: This will be a worst wine of the year candidate. HOT, red hots you ate as a child. Spice, ripe fruit and no balance to the wine. Not sure if it is the whole vintage of this wine or a bad batch. 75 points
Day 3: Heat has died down but quality is still low. Dirt, spices and some fruit. Better than day 1 and 2 due to the lack of heat but still a poorly made wine. 81 points
Recommendation: Don’t buy! (80 points)

2018 Fattoria di Fèlsina Berardenga Chianti Classico - Italy, Tuscany, Chianti, Chianti Classico DOCG (7/20/2021)
Day 1: After a few terrible wines in a row this is a refreshing change of pace. Rustic, cherry, rose petals, spice, wood and raspberries. Nice fruit on this wine and very vibrant. Aging potential on this wine. 13.5% alcohol. 91 points (91 points)
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bummer to read Marietta putting out such a poor product

Normally love the Christo and always under $20.00 on sale but the 17 vintage was a dud and others on tracker concere. 18 was given high praise so I will be interested in trying it.

I picked up two bottles of the 2018 Christo before reading your notes on the 2017. I’m hopeful that 2017 was an anomaly.

Felsina has rarely let me down. The only exception that comes to mind is a 2008 Rancia that was hard as nails.

2018 is better on paper. No cellar tracker notes yet.

I really like the '18 Felsina Berardenga. I put it on the wine list at my restaurant and for me it really is one of the most naked expressions of Sangiovese I’ve come across. Pure-fruited, high-toned, no makeup; just fresh red berries, high acid, and a lovely dusty underpinning, all in balance.

I do have to gently “warn” guests that given its delicacy it may not be their typical Chianti given the stylistic bent of many of the region’s producers, but for my money, I’d drink it over most other CC offerings.

Always good to introduce guests to something new especially that you are excited about! [cheers.gif]

I just had that 2016 Felsina two nights ago, with a little remaining last night. It’s excellent. I immediately ordered the 2018.

Don’t remember hearing about this producer before…kind of surprising considering their website says they’be been around since 1986 and are now one of “Oregon’s largest wineries, farming over 325 acres of prime vineyard land”. Doesn’t sound like it’s one to add to my “should try” list.


Got it from WTSO due to its price but agree have not heard much about it and sorry I purchased this one.

Funny that the winner of the original post was the Felsina but 2nd bottle same store was not nearly as good. Came around a bit on day 4 but would recommend other vintages of the Chianti Classico.

2018 Fattoria di Fèlsina Berardenga Chianti Classico - Italy, Tuscany, Chianti, Chianti Classico DOCG (10/20/2021)
Day 1: Not nearly as good as last bottle and some recent scores on this wine are similar to my experience. A heavy effort without the normal qualities I like in this wine. Lacks any funk and minerality of previous bottles and different vintages. Heavy perfume/floral quality. Will give this some time over the next few days. 87 points
Day 3: This is just not a very good bottle. No flawed bottle but this is a bit thin on day 3 which is concerning considering it is an extremely young wine. Spice, floral notes, water chestnuts and dirt. Lacks any character than bottles of Felsina in the past. 85 points
DAY 4: Well it is better so some hope for this wine. This is certainly not in the class of other vintages but this offers some rustic character on day 4. Forest floor, chestnuts, floral, tea leaves and earth. Based on this day 4 experience HOLD! 88+
Recommendation: Bottle variation for sure. Both bottles bought from the same store and loved the first one and did not like the second. HOLD UNTIL 2024. (88 points)

If you find duds and still have more bottles do you bring those over to friend’s houses? xD

Usually only buy a bottle at a time. 2 bottles of Felsina since it is normally reliable. I did load up on some 19 Delille Chaleur however after tasting a bottle!

Yea, blind buying is scary so tasting first is the way to go. I buy 2 bottles at a time just in case I want to hold one a little longer, but perhaps I should I adopt the 1 bottle policy.

Hopefully we can get back to the big tastings so we can try through a bunch of wines and then buy! [cheers.gif]

I hope so! People are so happy we’re hosting wine tastings in the store when it’s just 3-4 wines. We’re going to start doing perpetual tasting with the Coravin. Basically have 2+ bottles on tap. We don’t charge anything, but for the Coravin’d wines I’m just going to ask for a few dollars to cover the cost of gas.

What are your experiences with the Coravin? What is the longest time trying a sample and then finishing the bottle? I have thought about getting one in the past.

Right now I haven’t had any experience over 6 months and it’s been good. I find the system to be very easy and convenient. To me it’s also a way to test if the wine is corked as well. I’d have no qualms returning a bottle I’ve coravin’d if I believe it’s faulty I think once you pull pull the cork it becomes harder to prove you didn’t tamper with it. I will say inspect the corks a bit before plunging the needle. Low grade corks don’t work well with the system since they won’t reseal as well.