2 2010's > Koehler-Ruprecht Saumagen Kab Trocken & Geltz-Zilliken Rausch Kab

Can’t get enough of these amazing 2010’s

Koehler-Ruprect 2010 Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Kabinett Trocken

Medium yellow

Nose > Big aromatic nose. Stony blood-orange, pink-grapefruit, & lime-oil.
Tart-apricot, white-peach, anjou pear & pear-skin.
Lilly, honeysuckle, lavender, creamy nectarine, egg-custard, & a touch of quinine.

Palate > Very big, intense & fruity/stony on the palate.
Tart-apricot, tart-nectarine skin. Flint, stone, quinine, limestone, tart-cherry stone.
A tart-fruit, mineral Bomb.
High, ripe acidity.
Excellent intensity. Great structure.
Shows it’s 13% ABV only in it’s body/size; no heat.
Very long finish with lime & grapefruit-zest, tart-apricot skin, blood-orange, & a touch of cinnamon.
Seemingly leaves a residue of powdered rock/stone dripped w/lime-oil, & tart-nectarine skin in the long, long aftertaste.

Impressive. Beautiful now with some air, but this puppy will develop.

93 Points

Forstmeister Geltz-Zilliken 2010 Saarburger Rausch Riesling Kabinett

Medium-light, bright yellow.

Nose > Lemon/lime-oil, apricot, peach-kernal, Lemon-drops.
Some SO2 still to lose.
Pungent citrus-pith, strawberries & cream.

Palate > Lemon/lime-flesh, apricot, meyer-lemon, pink-grapefruit.
Really electric tart-citrus fruit, starfruit, cactus-fruit, tart-cherry juice, gooseberry.
Raspingly sweet-tart pure Riesling fruit with slatey, mineral-infused tart-nectarine skin.
Great, high, ripe acidity.
Medium plus intensity.

This needs time to harmonize, & especially to absorb the SO2.
Will be a beautiful bottle, but really not ready. Give this at least til 2014 to settle down.

91+ Points

Big Cheers to 2010, a unique vintage


Thanks for the notes. Both wines sound delicious. I have never tasted a K-R. Love Zillikin and buy them every year. Need to try a K-R.

The 10 Saumagen Kabinett trocken is one of the best wines I’ve had from the vintage. Koehler-Ruprecht can be inconsistent, but when the wines are on - they’re just unbelievable.

Hey Charlie,

I’m a Big Zilliken fan. This baby needs time to absorb that SO2.

I’m usually fond of infanticide, but this one must wait.

Keep your eyes out for some K-R! Agree with Salil B - this one is Killer . . . & won’t break the bank.