1999 Yalumba "The Signature" & 2004 Thompkin Cellars Cab Franc

1999 Yalumba The Signature - Australia, South Australia, Barossa, Barossa Valley (7/24/2009)
It has been 4 years since I tried this. I hoped it would start to show more promise. I good wine but seems to have gone a bit too far on the ripeness. Plummy aromatics showing a small amount of age but basically youthful. On the palate the fruits are again just a little over ripe. Plummy/pruney fruits. They were not to the point of me disliking them but it kept me from falling in love. Still lots of tannin and oak. I am worried that when the tannins really back down, this will become a bit port like. I have another bottle so I am going to roll the dice and see what this does in another 5-6 years. (88 pts.)

2004 Thompkin Cellars Cabernet Franc Couchant - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County (7/19/2009)
I recently had the 05 so I thought I would check this out. Where as the 05 is 100% Cab Franc, this one has a little syrah. Aromatically this reminded me much more of a syrah. Even RRV syrah. Red berries. Comes off more dialed back than the 05. Not getting much cab franc off the nose but it is nice all the same. Much bigger acid or at least perceived acid compared to the 05. A sharper wine. I think my wife enjoyed this the same as the 05 but I think I was looking for richness and herbaceous qualities. This was more like a high quality, non jammy syrah. Not sure about the ageability but it may show some interesting developments in the years to come. (89 pts.)



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Agreeability? Ageability?
The 2004 didn’t have quite as much barrel time as the '05 (24 vs 30 months), but the CF in '05 got a bit riper.
We tend to add a bit of Syrah when we feel the CF needs a bit more mouthfeel.
The wood comes out a bit more in the '04 I agree, a bit more new oak in the blend if I remember correctly.

4 “bits” in two sentences…I promise to never type early in the morning…anymore [suicide.gif]

headbang LOL … Ageability of course. Must have been drunk posting and let the spell check get me again.