1999 Truchard Cab "Carneros"

What a delightful wine!

Still a dark red wine, leaving on slightly less opague legs. On the nose, a lot of cedar, violents, and old spice. On the palate, bright dark fruit ( currants and blackberry) , with a hint of strawberry, with excellent notes of leather and earth. This wine has a finish that goes 45 seconds plus. This tannins are still very present, yet a bit tight. This wine has easily another decade of very enjoyable drinking ahead of it. The bottle shows an alcohol level of 14.2%, but it is so well integrated now, I thought it to be much less.

Upon release, about ten years ago, I gave this wine an 88-89. Now this wine has easily developed into a 91-93. A very tradition style cab that continues to develop. Hold or drink now. 99 was a great year and the then Truchard team was at the top of its game.

This wine was about $35 at release (minus the wine club discount for me). QPR off the charts!

I really like what Truchard does with Bordeaux varietals. I got a killer deal on 2001 Truchard Cab Franc not too long ago.

Truchard has always made really nice wines. They were some of the first wines I added to my collection 12 or so years ago. In fact, I’ve been eyeing their 1999 Syrah for this weeks virtual tasting.


Recently had the 99 syrah from my cellar, you will not be disappointed. Very well done!