1999 Leroy St. Aubin 1er Cru


So now that I’ve had a couple of days to recover from my disappointment I’ll add a little to the story. This was an auction buy for about $60 or so all in but I figured this might be my best shot to acquire and drink a Leroy, even if it was only a humble negociant bottling.

The fill was high and the cork was utterly pristine, coming out with a loud “pop”. No soak at all up the cork, but that tell-tale bluish color on the bottom of the cork. Unfortunately the wine was a complete goner. Oxidised, overpowering smells of over-the-hill despair and it tasted just as bad. We didn’t even bother to hope it would come around with air.

I have to admit I’ve had pretty good, nay, unbelievably good luck with auction bottles, and this was my first time getting bitten badly by premox, but it was a heck of a time to have it happen. I was with my best friend and his wife, so doubly disappointed. Well, at least that '92 Colin Deleger Chassagne from last week was wonderful (not to mention cheaper).

Wade, I had the 2002 version of this a few months back and it was absolutely incredible. It was still kind of young actually with so much life left yet drinking unbelievably now. I purchased only 1 bottle from Somm Select I believe last year and wish I had purchased more, as it is no longer available in the states. It was the best bottle of white Burgundy I have had all year, without question, even surpassing a bottle of 2009 Leroy Meursault I had earlier the same week, which came in a close second.

I’ve had some 99 Leroy village and even Bourgogne Blanc a couple of years ago that was still drinking well with plenty of acidity, light to medium yellow in color, and with nice aged notes. Maybe just a bad auction bottle.

The '99s are recently especially nice at even the Bourgogne level.

I will never understand why people buy leroy negoce. The wines offer one of the worst qpr i have ever seen and most of the time just suck. They should be bought only if you can get a bottle or 2 of chambertin or musigny

On release the '99 Maison Leroy Bourgogne rouge was very well priced and the wine is superb. I bought a fair bit of '06 Maison Leroy Bourgogne Blanc recently and whilst dearer than most Bourgogne it is a cracker for the money. Some of the older Leroy negoce wines have been some of the most enthralling wines I have ever had.