1999 Gevrey Chambertin "Aux Etelois" (Maume)

1999 Gevrey Chambertin “Aux Etelois” (Maume)
Medium red with touch of onion skin at edge.
Mature, earthy, bing cherry nose.
Minerally cranberry/pomegranate fruit entry led to a long, slightly tannic finish.
This can go a few more years but the high-ish tannin level questions whether the fruit can outlast it.
[90 pts]


Was this a bottle that was imported by Kermit or someone else? I ask because I’ve started to notice differences (specifically with Maume) between the bottles that Kermit brought in and other importers. Thanks…

which are better and how so?

For me the Kermit wines seem to be more pure and flavorful. If I had to guess (and that’s all it is) maybe the other wines are filtered more than the Kermit ones? I know he has a history of having specific demands for the wines he buys, selection of barrels, etc…or I think I read that in a book somewhere. All I know, is that the few times I’ve been disappointed by this house…when I turned over the label on the back was not a Kermit imported bottle.

Not a Kermit selection.