1998 Chateau Beausejour Duffau-Lagarrosse

Wine is in a lovely spot now where it can seem a touch bitter and thin until you bring some air into your mouth and chew it a tad.

Then it blooms with heft and black fruits. Terrific accomplishment for roasts or grilled meats. I’ve never tasted the legendary 90 so this will have to do.

Mostly Merlot, healthy amount of Cab France with a dollop of Cab Sav. Old school.


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awesome note doc. 98 right bank is a pretty solid wager

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Way to go, Doc!

Yea Neal so right, the 98 right banks slay.

Bordeaux still my first love.

Sounds like it’s in a good spot, thanks for posting. I’ve gone through 5 bottles from a case purchase, and always found this wine to be a little thin and lacking depth and texture on the palate. I need to revisit the wine.

Was this my chance a Garagiste purchase for $37 back in 2007? Josh really hyped the wine and sold me on a case.

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I don’t think so but I got a case too, maybe from somebody whose wine began there.

I am down to six left. Look fwd to the next now.

I’ve had this a bunch of times, including side by side with Beau Sejour Becot, and always felt it was a bit tight, stern. Almost an intellectual St Emilion.