1998 Cameron Abbey Ridge

Nice shot of John Paul pouring his 98 Abbey Ridge at our Magnum PI party.

How was it?

I have a couple of 1994 Clos Electrique I bought at auction and haven’t tried yet, and the oldest Cameron I’ve had is 2006.

It was delicious. Still very fresh, certainly a little earthy but finished clean and long, I thought it was excellent.

I’ll have to respectfully disagree on the clean finish. That was one of the brettiest wines I’ve ever had a second sip of.

Thanks for the notes. I’m not likely to try it, but it’s an interesting data point.

You’re not going pull out the “like a horse with dreadlocks” tasting note? I always enjoy that one!

the 1999 Cameron Brickhouse! That’s an excellent memory Ron. This was more pronounced.

That sounds pretty horsey. I’m surprised JP hadn’t thrown a saddle on you in the picture.

Great photo, Paul. Last had this wine in May 2013 at RT’s. It is a very nice wine.

I missed out on that one, but Paul W. brought a delicious riesling and someone else brought a wonderful sparkling gamay rose method traditionelle.

while we’re all back patting, that Trousseau you brought was lithe and open for business. Beautiful!

Beau, did you happen to catch the producer of the luscious BdB that was in 750s?

Agreed Greg, very nice indeed and thanks for sharing. Attractive tertiary notes. 2nd or 3rd time I’ve tasted it. The '99 isn’t too shabby either. BTW the “Greg Malcolm rack” needs thinning. [cheers.gif]

Excellent pic of John Paul!