1996 JF Mugnier Bonne Mares

This wine is moving.


Intense aromatics that are floral and loaded with wonderful red fruit. Highly complex.

The texture reminds me of the Jayer wines. Silky with balance that makes you sit up and take notice.
Powerful on the attack yet a velvet glove finish. Very long.

I have had very few Burgundy experiences in the last year or so that come close to this one.


Sounds great. I still haven’t had a Mugnier wine! I’ve been “waiting” on my handful of semi-mature bottles…

Sounds really great, Don.
Hope all is well.
Cheers to you.

Sounds lovely. I’ve had several of his 96 Fuees and that’s a delicious wine as well. 96’s in general seem to be drinking well at the moment.

Wow nice. I had advance notice this wine howled well. Funny because Mugnier is generally not considered successful in 96. I also just read a positive note on the Amoureuses !

Have some 96 villages. if it is 1/3 as good i ll be happy…very tannic stuff…

this wine is always overlooked at Mugnier and I can’t figure out why. I suppose his next-door neighbor is more famous for it, but to me the Bonnes Mares at Mugnier is delicious and supremely elegant. Perhaps ironically, Mugnier’s Bonnes Mares represents what the legend of Mugnier is believed to be (airy, elegant, bright) vs the other wines.

Great note! Sounds like a profound experience.


High praise indeed. Sounds great