1994 Magdelaine, certainly not a wine for Monsieur Leve, also 2012 Hebrart Rive Gauche Rive Droit, CVNE 1981

My wife said it was sour, and was served a mature Musar instead
The 1994 Magdelaine is certainly not oppulent or rich
It is stern, weedy, but not without charm. I will revisit today
The 1994 Canon was far more generus and expressive
The 2012 Hebrart Rive Gauche Rive Droit (50 % Chardonnay, 50 % Pinot Noir from each side of the Marne) is a real gem. Grand Cru but still affordable. It is sooo delicious

No notes on either the Musar or that CVNE I see in the photo? I feel cheated :slight_smile:

The Magdelaine sounds like it would be in my wheelhouse.

It was a 1999 Musar. My wife just love Musar. It is very resonably priced in EU. 40 $.
The cork is as always very soft and irritating for a wine this young (the cork 1994 Magdelaine was like new), but the wine is so flavorful and expressive. It develops so many nuances while sipping it through the evening.
I prefer the 1999 to the 1998, but it is close
The CVNE I will open this weekend

The 1981 CVNE Vina Real was as expected for this vintage. Lush, fruity and delicious. Really like these under the radar Riojas [cheers.gif]

1/2 chard 1/2 pinot?!?

Classic sites for both
Look at the map

The 1999 Musar has been a favorite vintage of mine since release so when I was down to my last bottle I managed to source another 6 early this year. I agree with you, beautiful wine.

Glad to hear about the 1981 Vina Real. I have my last bottle scheduled to be opened for a friend’s birthday party next month. IIRC I paid $40 for that sometime in the early '00s. I miss those days. The winemaking is not the same (or to my taste) anymore.

read it too quickly and thought it was a still wine you were referring too. oops blush

Maybe. It’s VERY 1994 with strong varietal Cab Franc and menthol / floor cleaner aromas. Unless that is not representative, it does not come across with the classic Magdelaine elegance and limestone signature.

It actually developed into a very pleasant wine after standing half full in the kitchen for 24 hours. Not at all the great quality of the 2000. But I liked it