1994 Dominus

Anyone had a bottle recently? Time to celebrate my daughter’s 18th birthday!

Kevin I had this back in April 2010…it was a little shy at first but developed in the glass nicely. At that time I thought it was still a few years away from peak.

Served at my daughter’s 18th this past spring. Rocks! Terrific. Open and decant 1-2hours before serving and you should be very happy.

I enjoyed a bottle that was pop and pour late last year. I’d recommend doing the same, assuming you have some time to follow it in the glass.

Thanks all. Will report back.

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Pop and pour in June. Killer after about two hours.

91 and 94 Dominus are fabulous wines. Very “Latour-like”.

Had one maybe 6 months ago. I loved it.

Bottle is rocking…I’ve had 2 bottles, 1 mag over the past 4 years…simply awesome. Pop and be amazed

Last bottle almost three years back now, so not really that recent, but here’s my note for what it’s worth:

“Amazingly good - this was just sweet seduction. Absolutely haunting nose. Clear, ringingly high-toned notes of leather, loamy earth, tobacco, scented sweet cherries, elegant plums and flowery hints. Almost orgasmic. Palate was showing beautifully as well, with wonderfully ringing flavours of truffles, earth, leather, smoke, sweet cherries, cassis wrapped in the sheerest of silky robes. Lacking maybe in sheer power, but with super clean, clear tones of great purity, all singing with joy. Long, long finish too. The mid-palate feints to dip slightly, before flooding back in gentle layers of smoke and tobacco just filling the mouth. Supreme elegance. Superb drinkability. Sweet seduction. Bordeaux class blended with Californian sass. A brilliant wine, and easily the best wine out of Napa I have yet had the pleasure of tasting.”

No doubt, air time is really helping it open up and show its stuff. Certainly plenty of life left and just drinking amazingly.

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Can’t argue…certainly not a power wine, but held up to the Porterhouse :slight_smile:. Beautiful wine for sure.

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Here’s my last note:
5/23/2011 rated 94 points: Consistent with previous note. Some bricking, but otherwise quite a ruby red; nose is the real strength here with some blackberry, black currant, some red fruits, some smoke, some green including eucalyptus, hint of mint, some old world earth, just a lovely nose; palate has good structure with acidic balance and well integrated tannins that don’t take over the palate, good red fruit in the midpalate, finish is a bit shorter than expected given the reputation of this wine. Overall the nose is spectacular, bordeaux-like, and the wine overall is very enjoyable. Drank over the course of 3 hours, improved over at least the first 2 hours with air. I think this wine has peaked but will last. 94-95 for me. (6829 views)

It’s a lovely wine. Enjoy it! I think I may have even under-rated it…

Had it last week. Awesome wine. Needs an hr of air. We didn’t decant and it was great.

Haven’t had that one, but congrats to your daughter!