1993 Jadot Gevrey-Chambertin Clos St Jacques

Last night we found a great little neighborhood restaurant here in Portland with a very nice wine list containing some real gems. We picked a 1993 Jadot Gevrey-Chambertin Clos St Jacques from the list. Popped and poured and enjoyed throughout dinner. BTW, the wild mushroom fettucini was to die for and went perfectly with the wine. It was an interesting comparison to the 1990 that I had a couple of months ago. The 1993 was dark garnet with some bricking on the edge. The perfume was wonderful from the get go. Lovely smells of dark cherries, smoke with some nice secondary aromas and a bit of burgundy stink that all seemed to come together as the wine opened up. There was a nice tart acid backbone to a rich expansive mid palate of dark cherries, minerals and earth. There are still some fine tannins lingering on the long finish. As compared to the 1990 a couple of months ago, I think this wine will age longer. The 90 was softer, more ripe and did not have the smoky notes noted on this wine. It was delicious now, more showy, but did not have the acidic backbone of the 93.

We finished the dinner with a nice glass of 2001 Volpaia Vin Santo. Deep amber gold with nose of hazelnuts, caramel with some sherry like aromas. Nice rich and long. Not cloying. Very nice. Then Seth, the owner took us for a nice tour of the wine cellar and poured a glass of 1982 Bodegas Toro Albala Montilla-Moriles Don PX Reserva. All I can say is wow, what a finish to a nice evening. Smells of coffee and prunes. Unctuous does not do it justice. Mouth coating, cloying flavors of prunes, licorice and caramel. A super long 60 second finish and wouldn’t go away! A great eveining!!

Thanks for the notes, Roger. I’m a big fan of Jadot CSJ, and the '93 is a fabulous example. Your TN has made me thirsty for this…

I opened a bottle of that jadot in March and thought it realitvely closed so I’ll be interested in your take on it, Lew.

Hi Maureen. This wine is a baby, but gives a lot now if aerated sufficiently IMO. With my original purchase almost gone, I reloaded a few years ago and have enough bottles to experiment a bit. My last three TN’s…

12/06: Great wine, big complex perfume, palate needed air but opened to rich, complex damp peat flavors, good long finish. Decade+ in hand. Still good after 15 hours in decanter.

7/08: Dark ruby shows no age. Earthy nose with red fruits and flecked with iron and granite. Ripe cherry fruit, and raspberries too, with damp earth, and lifted by balancing acidity. Really fans out on the mid-palate, with moderate (but ripe) tannin to resolve. This beauty has power and balance and complexity and length… a great wine that drinks now, but will improve, and many years of pleasure lie ahead. Sugar Ray Leonard in his prime!

1/10 w/ Joe Davis: Outstanding, but needed more air. Very spicy, very classy, a youngster. Spiciness surprised me.

So, as I read those notes, I have to say this wine needs more time in the cellar to show its best… especially if your supply is limited. I hope that helps a little… [wink.gif]

Thanks for the note of this, I’m also a big fan of the wine going back to the '85 (I don’t think I’ve had any older). What a great list that it had the '93 on it.


thanks, Lew - I have three more - not a ton but no reason to open another one anytime soon as I’ve got plenty of other stuff to drink and the bottles were all acquired together and look quite young.

That is wise, Maureen. If I had 3 bottles, I’d wait 2 or 3 years, if I had as much “good stuff” as you do.

The Jadot CSJ is consistently great. Until recently it was the most expensive of the five , now it is the cheapest, which amazes me.

Thanks for the note. I have found this wine to be very youthful and am holding the last bottle for another few years.

Lew, it’s not that I have so much “good stuff” as it is that I don’t drink all that frequently. For example, I never had an opportunity to open a vosne romanee this week.

Well, Maureen, there is always Nuits next week… [cheers.gif]

FWIW, the Jadot CSJ is the best 2004 red burg Ive tried and that includes various Chambertin, Clos De Beze, Mugnier Musigny, etc.