1991 Lopez de Heredia Bosconia Gran Reserva

Medium ruby and starting to brick ever so slightly. Penetrating nose of red fruit, leather, tobacco and earth. Elegant and concentrated, with flavors of sour red cherries that stain the palate on a long finish. Very nice acidity.
This took two and one half hours to open in a decanter and drank well for an hour before the aromas shut down and tannins emerged. Not fully ready to drink, and I anticipate waiting another 5+ years before this enters into its plateau of maturity.

Thanks for the note. Good to have as a data point. Your TN is pretty much in line with what I kind of expect from GR Bosconia wines by these guys at that age.

I usually appreciate their GR wines more with 25+ years from vintage, than when they are released at about the 15 year mark from vintage.

From a recent tasting, I found these wines to drink best at 30-40+ years of age. Even the 81s were not yet ready, in my opinion.

anyone have the 94 Tondonia recently?

Had the 94 last week and while very good it’s still just a baby.

Several btls recently. Can’t stop drinking them (fantastic), but agree there is more to come.

Had the '91 Tondonia GR a couple of years ago and found the base wine quite good but there was still too much residual oak for me.

I’ve had terrible luck with assorted Tondonia and Bosconia GRs going back to 1970.

Anybody find a higher rate of TCA in LdH wines than other producers you consume regularly? I’m trying to see if my n=1 result is true for anyone else. Whether it’s bad luck or not it has really kept me away from trying more.