1990 Roberto Voerzio Barolo La Serra

Had this on Labor Day at a friends house and boy was it a stunner. This has amazing concentration and an elegant profile all at once. The nose consists of mineral soaked fruit with tar, flowers and stone like aromas. The red fruits of plum, strawberry and raspberry are beautifully integrated with the tannin which is still present. This wine is very complex and opulent and light on its feet. You cannot help but wanting more. Anyone have a bottle they would like to sell? I am reaching out to a store in London but shipping is probably prohibitive. Anyone going to London that can lug this back to the states for me? Very fine wine making indeed. 96pts.



I have several bottles of Roberto Voerzio 1990 Barolo. Don’t remember which ones, as I had the Cerequio and another…when I bought them on release…in 1993 or so…direct from the importer.

If you’re interested in follow up…pm me.

The ones I drank were phenomenal; I was wanting to keep them until their 30th birthdays…but…

I have an '89 Brunate that I buried deep in storage. One bottle I tried circa 2000 was brutally tannic. Given the character of '89 I’ve been in no rush to try my last bottle.

Voerzio is a big user of barriques and I’m curious to know how these evolve.

More tonneaux than barrique.

Has that changed? When I visited him in 1996 and 1998, he had lots of barriques and that’s what we tasted from. (The image upload doesn’t seem to be working or I’d upload pix. Here’s one photo from 1998 of him drawing a sample from a barrique that I posted in another thread.)

The winery website today (click the Barrels key under the Winery heading) has a whole section devoted to barrel photos, and it’s almost all barriques. Are those all for barbera and merlot? If he’s relying mostly on tonneaux these days for his Barolo, he’s not boasting about it!

FWIW, I have 3 1990’s from Voerzio: 2 Cerequio and 1 LaSerra.

Got them out for Justin…but…still available…

would sell. PM.